Right, let me say this first. I don't like religions, as a general rule. That's not 100% accurate, because there are religions that I find acceptable, if not necessarily thoroughly true.

I was brought up as a Christian, you know! Many of my friends are, or were Christians. I've been baptised (but if there were a way to have it undone, I would do it), and I used to go to church! My parents are still quite Christian, although they're not devout.

Lets talk objectively about religions. I'm up for it. You can say whatever you want, and I'll say what I think. If you're a serious Christian, I urge you to read on, although you may be offended you have been warned . You might even find some of the things I say make you realise that what I'm talking about is valid.

Why I'm not a Christian ...

...Or any religion, for that matter, it's just that as I was brought up as a Christian, it seemed the ideal religion to pick on.

I stopped being a Christian at about the age of 15. People generally blamed it on the kind of music that I listen to (judge for yourself on my music page ), but I don't think that's true. I didn't like the really nasty music until long after I'd kicked Christianity out of my life. I have my reasons for not liking Christianity, and here they are:

1) Christians are, as a general rule of experience, the most narrow minded people I've ever met. I'm sorry for making such a broad statement, but in my own experience it's totally true. I don't think that it's their fault, I think their religion conditions them to it. They're taught that their way is the only true way, and that everyone else is going to go to Hell. Because of this, they seem to be utterly intolerant of other religions, getting up on their high-horse, and preaching to the "Heathens". They are so intolerant, and it makes me angry. Can you believe that? I actually get angry at how petty they are. It's like this tightly coiled spring of rage inside me, and it just wants to unleash it's energy on Christianity. I can see all the Christians reading this, thinking "Hey, that's not true - what a bastard, he can't say that about us..." But maybe those people should stop and ask themselves why they think I can't say those things about them? It's called Free-Speach. Something that the Bible doesn't exactly encourage. Get out while you still can!

2) I'm a scientist. If you've read the About Me section, then you'll know that. Scientifically, large portions of the Bible are known to be untrue. This leads me to believe that the rest of it is based in fiction also. I do believe that there was a bloke called Jesus once, who did proclaim to be the son of God, but I don't beleive that he really was. The problem is that the Bible was written so long after the fact, that the acuracy has to be impared. I don't think it can be relied on for fact.

3) If God's so nice, why is he always doing nasty things to people? Answer me that? And if you're answer is "Because they disobeyed him," then you've already admitted that you're the slave to a mythological tyrant. WAKE UP! God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for no good reason, other than that they did "UnChristian" things. Well, sounds like a good reason to me!

4) Contradictions. Lots of them. My favourite being that it is "Christian" to "Love they Neighbour". But you can, apparently only "Love thy Neighbour" if he's hetrosexual. Did you know that? Did you know that the Bible says that people who are homosexual should be stoned to death? Do you like that idea? Makes me wonder just how much about the Bible these gay priests know! A regular Christian argument to this is that homosexuality is "not natural". Bullshit. Rabbits are known to do it, and many other small furry animals if the circumstances demand. There's nothing "unnatural" in anything that a human does, because we are part of nature, so whatever we do is natural. See?

5) The Bible is full of so much petty crap, that to adhere to it would be ridiculous. For instance, somewhere in Leviticus it says that if a woman having her period sits on an article of furniture, that furniture should be burned! Well that'd be good for the drapery buisiness, but not much else, least of all women!

6) The Church. Do you really think that all the money that you send them goes to worthy cause. Havn't you ever wondered why Vicars and Bishops live in outrageously large houses? IT'S BECAUSE THEY EARN FAR TOO MUCH MONEY, WHICH THEY ARE SCREWING OUT OF YOU CHRISTIANS. Think about it!

7) Christians can't defend their own faith. Have you ever noticed this? If you find a hole in the theory behind the Bible they'll always come out with "Oh, but it's just symbolic..." Oh really. Sounds like just another cop out to me.

8) The second coming is supposed to happen eventually, right? Well at the rate things are going, no one's going to realise, and someone's going to cause the guy's death. Then exactly the same will happen as last time, and you've gained no ground. How do you know David Kuresh wasn't the son of God. He said he was, why didn't all you Christians believe him? You're all on your high horse so much that I don't think you'd realise if Jesus slapped you in the face with a wet fish!

My Religion ...

I'm not anti all religions, you know. I have respect for some, purely because of their more tolerant belief system. I hope to have a Politics page up eventually, and in that I will outline my beliefs on individual liberty. But for now, just know that I believe that people should be able to do whatever they want without other people interfering, provided that they don't mess with other people. This is why the intolerance of Christianity, and most other religions (including Islam especially) annoys me so. I am sure one or two of you are saying to yourselves "But isn't this guy intolerant of Christianity?" Not at all. I have a lot of Christian friends, and as people I like them all, and I generally steer clear of confrontation (usually failing). I'm just pointing out the falacies of the religion. You don't have to listen if you don't want to. I have the right to free speech on the internet, so I'm exercising it. I don't care if you're a Christian or not, I thought I'd give you another option, that's all.

But what do I personally believe?

Well, I used to consider myself a Satanist. But that's because I couldn't think of another suitable category. Satanism, as I saw it, was an opposition to the fallacies of the Christian way, and not a worship system in itself. I used to delight in offending Christians, 'cos it's just so easy! I could have considered myself irreligious, but I still endorse some religions so that term wouldn't have applied. I'm not an atheist, because I beleive that there must be something that controls the universe, but I think it's more likely to be an incredibly powerful force that we call nature than any kind of "God" in the religious sense of things. And I don't think I'm an agnostic, because I'm not unsure of what I believe. So I lumped myself into the "Satanist" category.

What are these religions that I endorse, then?

The main two are Paganism and Voodoo. Essentially they are both what I refer to as "Earth" religions. They both encourage universal peace and understanding, and respect for the Earth, the land, and the animal life. Paganism has a single main commandment, if you like: Do what thou wilt, and it harm none . These religions are more tolerant of others, and are also far more ancient. I would like to point out that film representations of Voodoo are unfair. They are portrayed as being evil, when in fact, the opposite is true, and although there are many strange rituals, it is all to do with life rather than death.

Recently, my beliefs have moved more towards Paganism. The atmosphere is far nicer, and the people far friendlier. I encourage you to check it out. Christianity is not the way forward. It restricts us on our journey through life. Wake up and smell what they're shovelling ...

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