"That is not dead which can eternal lie
But given many strange aeons, even death may die"

"That night they came and took her away from me
I lost the woman I loved and I learned how to curse and to spit in the face of their ...
Jesus Fucking Christ"
Cradle of Filth

"This way for the lost city,
This way for the lost people,
This way for eternal suffering,
All hope abandon, ye who enter here..."

"All listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make..."
Bram Stoker

"Suck my blood and fuck my soul..."
Cradle of Filth

"Sword in hand, at the bloody fields of History
We rent our blades through dogma and humility
Carve a future, according to our will
Set worlds ablaze with our seething fire
Let you all acknowledge that we are here
As masters to rule this failing humanity
Our beings forged of rage and defiance
With strength to trample the weak and the foolish
And so we march with burning brands
Temples aflame, on our path to glory..."
Frater Nihil

"Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine..."
Obi Wan (Star Wars)

"You so pure and other worldly with your scent of winter
Am I to bleed myself dry to see your delight?"
Cradle of Filth

"Why are the children doing what they are doing? Why does the child rise up and kill his mum and dad, and murder his two sisters, and then hang himself from the vent..."
Marilyn Manson

"All I want is ... a true belief."
Paradise Lost

"I understand war ... I understand procedure ... I understand rules and regulations ... I don't understand sorrow ..."
Charles Manson

"The blue sky is an illusion created by the sun to hide an infinite black void. When you die the worms eat your brains. There's no God to save you and Jesus Christ couldn't even save himself."
David De Void

"He absolutely will not stop ... until you are dead."
Michael Biehn ... The Terminator

"My soul is poisoned from within"
Cradle of Filth

"There can be only one..."
Christopher Lambert ... Highlander

"I have seen a thing of terror this night; I have how the dead drink the blood of the living. And the blood is the life."
J. Sheridan Le Fanu

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