Marilyn Manson supported by Fluffy

I don't think that anyone could have picked a worse support act for Marilyn Manson, except maybe getting Take That to do it. Fluffy went down like a lead balloon. A lot of industrial fans, and goths shouted and swore and spat them off stage within about 25 minutes. It was funny to watch, but a pity really, as they were OK as an all girl punk band, but they just didn't fit in.

Marilyn Manson came onto the stage wreathed in smoke, and broke straight into "Angel with the Scabbed Wings". From then on, it just got more insane, including their cover of the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)". The backdrop to the stage was a large stained-glass window, portraying an angel showing off its breasts. This raised a massive cheer from the crowd. There was an awful lot of crowd participation, especially for the well known crowd ones, such as "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" where everyone in the London Forum was shouting "We Hate Love ... We Love Hate...". And also the Reverand managed to get everyone shouting "God-Damned" over and over again, whilst he slagged off the Catholic Church. There was a phenomonal amoung of spitting by both the mosh pit and the band themselves, and the band were drenched in it. The atmosphere was totally dark and evil, and the mosh was pretty good. All in all, it was not just a music gig, it was a stage show too. Well worth seeing just for the experience. If the church have anything to do with it, then it may not happen too often.