Qzric Tentacles and Hawkwind, supported by the Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Minty, and Tribal Drift

For this all night gig, Brixton Academy had had the sloping floor that leads to the stage levelled out, and the height of the stage had been increased to accomodate this. This was in order to create an enormous dance floor.

When I got in, a band whose name I never discovered were in full swing, and they were pretty good. It was a kind of tribal techno. They finished soon after, and a band called The Revolutionary Dub Warriors came on. It was, to all intents and purposes, bog standard Dub, but it was particularly amusing because the lead singer and bass player looked decidedly like Bill Odie, but wearing lots of boot polish! He didn't even look like a rasta, he looked more like a man who desperately wanted to be one, but just could quite get it! Overall, though, they were pretty good, and I got into them after a while.

Hawkwind appeared on stage at 11pm, and player for far far too long. They were once quite a good band, but now they're all old men, and they've lost the art of performance. They stood around and let their stage dancers do all the work. I must admit that the stage show put on by the dancers was rather impressive, involving a trapeze act, and a lot of slow-mo dancing. It was extremely impressive. There was no mosh pit to speak of. There wasn't even a dance floor. It was just a lot of people standing around listening, so if you like that kind of thing, go for it.

The Ozrics were, of course, bloody good. The dance floor went mental, and the lighting was just amazing. I can't really say a lot else. I was dancing, and it was intense, and everyone was having a good time, and soaking up the good vibes. Just as with the Levellers, there was no air of hostility. This is a band that are totally cool, whatever kind of music you like.

After the Ozrics (who came off stage at about 3am), there was a disturbing Rock band on called Minty. I quite liked them, actually. Their lead singer was a hermaphrodite, as far as I could gather, and their female lead singer came on wearing nothing bu some Christmas tree lights, and a huge ring through her clit! They had naked stage dancers (male and female), and they were very Industrialised. The music wasn't all that bad, and the performance was ver eye catching. An interesting one to look out for.

Finally, at around 5am, the last band took to the stage. They were called Tribal Drift, and they were a wierd kind of Tribal Ambient band. The lead singer also played the Digery-doo if that's any help in imagining what they were like. They were OK, but I left halfway through to catch my train home.

All nighters rule!