Skunk Anansie at the London Astoria

Skunk Anansie were, for some reason, voted the best live act quite recently. This gig explained exactly why. Skin has got the most incredible stage presence, and an almost unlimited supply of energy. It wore me out just watching her. From jumping off the drumkit, to dancing maniacally, to crawling under the bassist's legs and knocking him over (whilst playing), she just didn't stop from begining to end. Apart from that, they were also extremely good musically. A good combination of quite jumpy bouncy songs, to mellow ones, and even some pretty good mosh tunes. Skin's raport with the audience is also wonderful. regularly dedicating songs to "All the girls" and getting shouted at by the blokes. And even, at one point, getting onto the security barrier and leaning into the crowd whilst still singing. This band, although not particularly heavy, are well worth a look.