Sepultura supported by somebody

Well, I have to say that the support act for Sepultura at Brixton Academy were utterly non-descript. There were 2 bands that I'd not actually heard of, but they were both of the NYHC vein. The first band were actually pretty good, but I never found out who they were. The second band went on for far too long, and weren't any good at all.

Sepultura, on the other hand, kicked arse from beginning to end. They played loads of the old greats, and lots off "Roots". It was so uplifting to look out across the mosh and see 3000 people all going up and down at the same time. It was mind blowing! Max ended up crowd surfing whilst holding his microphone at one point, and also prevented security from throwing people off stage when they'd successfully got up on it. There was a point towards the end where the whole band, plus the roadies, plus the band members families (inluding Max's kids) were on stage playing tribal percussive instruments. Then, much to the girls delight, some guys came on wearing nothing but balaclavas and socks (on their dicks) and danced about for a bit. Their raport with the audience was incredible. Max bought his little kid on stage to wave to the fans at the end. The lighting was great, the music was great, the volume was high, and the performance was brilliant. It's such a pity that this band no longer exist in such a format. I am proud to say that I was at their last ever stage performance with Max on guitar, and Gloria as manager. If it ever happens again ... be there!