Machine Head supported by Skinlab, Coal Chamber, and Napalm Death

Unfortunately, thanks to this gig starting really early, I missed Skinlab, but did manage to get there in time for Coal Chamber. They're a kind of industrial Death band, that reminded me slightly of Fear Factory. Their bass player was really cute, which did a lot for their stage presence. They were, essentially, pretty good, but not much above average. Worth seeing though.

Napalm Death were, naturally, an excuse for the mosh pit to go insane. This was easily confirmed when the first person was brought out with blood streaming down his face, with an absolute look of delight on his face. Napalm aren't really all that good for listening to, but they are fun to watch. Barney managed to fall over, and bash his head on the drum-kit, but apart from that not much was destroyed. They did some material from their upcoming album, and it was just as vicious as their old stuff. All in all, they were a bit of fun.

Machine head came on. the place went mad. They opened with "Davidian", and it went more mad. From that point on, there was one furious insanity in the crowd. Rob Flynn has cut all his hair off, and it looks a bit crap, but beyond that, no one could fault them. The music was hard and fast, and their raport with the crowd was excellent. They even put "Fuck it All" on hold half way through so that Rob could explain just what he meant by "Fuck it All". At one point they even dragged Kerrang's Morat out of the pit and did a song with him. The atmosphere was lively, and quite cheerful, and the band's stage presence really gripped your attention. If you like good Metal, and you like good performers, and you like a good mosh, then this band can fulfill your needs with ease.