Paradise Lost supported by Anathema and Cathedral

This was at the Forum in London, and the venue was moderately filled. Anathema were already on by the time I got in, and they were OK! I wouldn't say that they were superb, because the lighting was unimaginative, and they weren't actually that loud. Nonetheless, the mosh was going pretty nicely for the most part. I think that they weren't presented briliantly purely because they were a support act.

Next, Cathedral took the stage, with Lee Dorian dressed in his usual seventies style horrid shirts, and flares! They, of course, went down a storm. I was spurred into the mosh-pit during thier rendition of "Ride", and I got utterly crushed. It was excellent, and they made full use of whatever resources they'd been given to perform with. Lee's stage presence was the main thing that I noticed.

Paradise Lost made their way onto the stage in a haze of smoke, and proceeded to grind through a lot of material from the "Draconian Times" album, but regularly returning to old favourites such as "As I die", "True Belief", and "Embers Fire". Nick Holmes had, unfortunately had his hair chopped at this point, and didn't look so cool. Greg Mackintosh, on the other hand didn't let his long ebony hair stop moving for the duration of the entire gig. The atmosphere was great. It was very dark and moody, and yet the mosh was pretty good (It wasn't the best I've seen, but neither the worst). If you don't like doom, then don't go and see them, basically. If you want serious violence in the mosh, then they're not the band for you.