Originally, this "sigil" was called a "time chain". It's relevance to the study/description of memes then became apparent. Each boxed shape is a self contained packet of information which is independently viable--a meme! This illustration shows that from chance, to order, to life, to god, to safety, to tribe, to technology, to tools, to history, to ideal, to idea, to mass production, to mechanization, to the unique; the memes of freedom, specialization, child, posession, object permanence, medicine, socialization, language, art, imagination, control, standards, and recreation are formed in shapes which balance 4 quadrents into a masculine/feminine pair (for each numbered meme):
1. combine/seperate/mix/match, create/destroy.

2. syntropy/entropy/positive/negative, matter/energy.

3. masculine/feminine/super ego/superego, id/ego.

4. protect/nurture/punish/reward, hunt/preserve.

5. keep/promote/rules/magic, government/religion.

6. body/spirit/matter/mind, security/health.

7. physical/emotional/war/school, property/community.

8. wholes/parts/rhythm/sound, numbers/words.

9. engineering/biography/epic history/icon, temple/epic.

10. antagonist/protagonist/competition/cooperation, plotting/planning.

11. reject/accept/status/class, money/sex.

12. product/process/quantity/quality, satisfaction/satiation.

13. original/copy/contrast/compare, differences/similarities.

Image and all text courtesy of Brett Robertson, Smail: 205 1/2 E. Main, Crawfordsville, IN, 47933 USA, Ph: 765-364-1280.