The Dark Side of the Web A lot of links to gothic, vampyric sites
The Church of Satan Homepage of The Church of Satan, with lots of facts and details, including joining information
Andromeda's Dark Embrace Dark gothic page
Ancient Circles Pagan and occult jewelry and ornaments
Neil Middleton's Bloody Abusive Page Neil's page that is just plain offensive
Duncan Gibb's Page Not much here yet!
Rodbin's Page A page for all occasions, with a special part for Rodbin's works of literature. Check it out.
Jim Barlow's Page A brief look at Astronomy, and 60's and 70's cult TV and Films
Jupiter Liar Homepage A 70's Pop Revisited Band
The Ultimate Band List Links and Directories of a huge number of bands
Chruch of Virus An excellent page dedicated to the theory of Memetics
Rhubarb Offensive T-Shirts Some most sick and evil T-shirts available are on this site
Messier Index A catalogue of objects of interest in the sky
The Church Ov Moo A weird weird religion
Purity Tests Find out how pure and virginal you are with these tests
Alchemy Gothic A collection of Gothic crafts
Haunted Shores Cradle of Filth Homepage Britain's Number One Black Metal band's Unofficial Homepage
The Teen Spot An E-zine for teens, and by teens
The Wonderful World of Spon Some weird and wonderful things from the King of Silliness!
VampiriaX's Goth Page VampiriaX's site of gothic vampyric stuff. Links, Poetry, etc...
The Church Of SeX Diablo Estasi's new religion of fine erotic art

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