Because we are not using frames here, it is unfortunately necessary to open several browser windows throughout the course of this tutorial. All tutorial pages will be displayed in one window, whilst exercises will be displayed in another, so that you can refer between the two documents. Also, the solutions to the exercises will be displayed in yet another window. The glossary of terms can also be displayed in the same browser window as the exercises appear in, by clicking one of the links from the text, but if you open it from the bottom of a tutorial page, then it will open in that same window.

If this sounds a bit much, and you'd rather use frames, and your browser is frames-capable, then click here. On the other hand, if you've been here before, and want to carry on using the tutorial, and you don't want to be starting from the beginning again, then go to the index to decide where you're going.

Otherwise, proceed to the Introduction to HTML

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