Right, lets try and use all the JavaScript functions that we learnt in the last exercise. If you don't have a JavaScript enabled browser, then you may just simply want to skip this exercise. But for those of you that do ...

Place a Window.Alert in the <head> of the document, so that when the page loads, you get a window come up saying "This Page is Currently Under Construction". Inside the <area> tags of the imagemap, make it so that when you put your mousepointer over the relevant section, the status bar tells you where that link takes you. Then, in one or more of your links at the bottom of the page, create a function that opens an alert window when you click on it, telling you where you're going. And finally, over your "Email Me!" link, make it so that if you put your mousepointer over it, and then move it away, it brings up a window saying "Oh go on ... Please Email Me!".

One thing to note is that if you use a ' in the text for either a window.alert or a window.status, then you should put a \ in front of it, so that the browser knows not to interpret that as part of the JavaScript.

Here is what your document should look something like. To see how the page is made, view the document source - generally done by using the "View", "Document", or "Page" menus on your browser.