We already have a small image on our page, so what you need to do, is define it as an imagemap, and then we can go on and define all the areas. Keep the map definition in this same HTML document. It's probably a good idea to keep it out of the way of the rest of the page, so either put it right at the top, or right at the bottom.

What we want to define is a circle that has it's centre in the centre of the image, and has a radius of about 40 pixels. Then we want to make the rest of the image a link to somewhere else. It doesn't matter what locations they are that you link to, at the moment. At this point, you may want to set the image borders to 0, and add to the alternative text that this is now an Imagemap.

Here is what your document should look something like. To see how the page is made, view the document source - generally done by using the "View", "Document", or "Page" menus on your browser.