Now that you've seen how to create a document in HTML, it's time to do one for yourself. Here's what you have to do:

Create a document that has the title "My First Document". Make the background white (don't worry about an image background, you can try them out at your own leasure), leave the text as the default colour, and make the links red. When the link is clicked on, we don't want it to change colour as it is activated, but once the link has been visited, make it a darker shade of red than before it was visited. Try and do this using hexadecimal code for the colours.

For the moment, you won't be able to see if the text has worked out as you want it, as there's no text there yet for you to look at, but as this tutorial proceeds, you will soon find out if you've made a mistake.

Here is what your document should look something like. To see how the page is made, view the document source - generally done by using the "View", "Document", or "Page" menus on your browser.