You've now seen some of the easier things that you can do with the text formatting abilities of HTML. Now it's your chance to implement them. Using the HTML file that you started in the previous exercise, do the following:

Make a header for the page at a reasonable size, and centre it. Have it say: "Welcome to my Homepage" or something similar. Now have some text that isn't centred, and make it a paragraph. In that paragraph, write something, and have some of the text in bold, some of it in italics, and some of it underlined. End the paragraph, and have a few line breaks before putting "End of Page" in the centre, at the bottom. Comment each secion of the page appropriately.

Now you'll be able to see your text at the default colour of your browser. From now on, you'll be updating that same document at each exercise, so don't delete it.

Here is what your document should look something like. To see how the page is made, view the document source - generally done by using the "View", "Document", or "Page" menus on your browser.