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I'm 20 years old at the moment. I was born on the 2nd of February 1978, in Surrey, South East England. I lived in a place called Salfords until I was 2 years old, and then we moved to the sprawling Metropolis that is Horley . Well, actually, it's more of a dingy little town in the shadow of Gatwick airport.

The first school I went to was dodgily called Doods Brow School, and it incorporated the most disgusting pink uniform in the known universe (especially the cap!). It was an OK, school, I guess, but the canteen food was terrible. I even pretended that I was allergic to potatoes for an entire term so that I didn't have to eat them. They made me throw up!

At the age of 10 I got into Reigate Grammar School, where I stayed for the rest of my schooling. Sometimes it was a bit crap, but for the most part it was pretty good. There were some weird teachers, but then you always get that. There was Mr Louis, who looked like the Dungeon Master from Dungeons and Dragons, and then there was Mr Wilson who we nicknamed Venger, from the same program, due to his immense evilness!

I took my GCSE's (for anyone who doesn't know about the English school system, those are exams taken at the age of 16) in Geography, Maths, English Language, Physics, French, English Literature, Information Technology, Chemistry, History, and Biology. I got the grades A* A A A B B B B C C respectively.

When I was 18 I took my A-levels in Maths (Pure and Mechanical), Physics (Pure, Particle Physics, and Astrophysics), and Politics (British, and Theory). For that little lot, I got the grades B B C respectively. Thanks to those grades, I was accepted into Edinburgh University to study Astrophysics for 5 years.

I'm currently nearing the end of my year out, and my job comes to an end on the 29th August 1997. I shall, then, be offline until the beginning of October, when I get my internet connection at Edinburgh. This homepage will remain, though, but it will remain unmaintained!

I finished school and decided that I couldn't be bothered with the education system for the time being. Having been in full time education since the age of 3, I decided that I needed a break. So I got a job! (all the full time workers out there wonder why!) Actually, I prefer it to school. The hours are longer, but you're getting paid for it, and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. I like it.

The company I work for is called Geco-Prakla Technical Services Inc . We conduct seismic surveys for oil companies, and send them fully processed data which should help them decide where do sink their next well. I work for Marine Data Processing, and am the smallest possible cog in the huge industrial wheel (I'm a Technical Assistant).

So what happens later in life? Who knows? I'd like to work in reasearch, maybe for a University, or a big Multi-National company! Hopefully, in the meantime, Geco will allow me to have some holiday work, and they may even offer me a job when I leave Uni, but that's pure speculation on my part. I'm sure life will sort itself out in the end, anyhow!

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I am interested in a theory called Memetics. It's like a behavioural science, looking at ways of modelling behaviour through the use of these bits of information called Memes. Being scientifically minded, and with an interest in Philosophy, this theory holds a lot of appeal to me. My views on religion are fairly extreme. I'm not a Christian, and never will be. My tastes in music are fairly extreme too. I've got some great quotes here, lifted from TV programmes and songs and films and just anywhere, if I thought they were suitable enough. I've also stuck in a page with my favourite wierd and wonderful links . Or you can check out the pictures or me and some of my friends. Hope you enjoy yourself, and pay me a visit again soon. There's always an empty chair by the hearth for you ...

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I dedicate this page to my nearest and dearest...

To my parents: I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them, obviously!; Will: Keep on fiddling, mate; Alli: On a mission; Jo: Hang onto that niceness; Neil: Keep on hitting things; Chris L: You dodgy bloke!; Michelle: I'll squish you one day; Chris W: Towards shorter and shorter hair...; Abi: Selling bodies!; Simon: Ugh, you're sick!!!; Jess: I guess we all have to learn; Ben: Or should I say Bendy Minge - love you, man; Willy K: Alcoholic? Never; Duncan: You arrogant bastard, I don't know why I like you; Kate: soft girl, according to Duncan; Robin: Eat more fatty foods, and do less exercise - it's good for you; Barney: My biggest lover; Anthony: Do you ever get jokes?; Natalie: Wherever you are in the world; Lloyd: Just how we like it; Philippa: You're such a girl!; Jon B: Keep plucking those bass notes; John B: Tattoos and things...; Jane: With all my darkest love our souls entwine - I hope we never lose touch; Caroline: You crazy!!!; Helen C: The Hastings posse rule!; Avril: I never could resist the Irish accent; Helen Z: You're mad, dear, just the way we like you; To all the people at work: Jim, Laura, Mike (don't cut that hair), Ian, Clive, Dan, Rob: It's great working with y'all; To the guys and girls on the Church of Virus: Martz, Tony, David McF(Cheers for the Ideohazard), and the rest of you: Keep talking philosophy, and never stop. To the guys and girls on the Church of Zero: Diablo Estasi, Ariel Brosh, Hakeeb; To the other people I know: Helen W, Lydia, Cat, Maz, Little Jen, Big Jen, Andy, Adam, Laura, John L, Little Emma, Robin, Mike, Kate, Gemma, Alex, and countless others that I can't begin to list; To the bands: Jupiter Liar (Richey, Alli, Will, Neil, Little Chris); Release (John, Nanette, Dave);