Cradle of Filth were formed back in 1991, by Dani, Paul, John, and Darren (Vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, respectively), in Essex, on the vast flat plains of South-Western England. They released theoir first demo shortly afterwards in 1992, called Invoking the Unclean:
1. Chewing Your Guts
2. Circle Of Perversion
3. Loathsome Fucking Christ
4. Darkly Erotic
5. Dead Orchestra

Not long after that, Cradle of Filth went on to record Orgiastic Pleasures:
1. Bleeding In Heaven
2. As My Stomach Churns
3. Funeral
4. Darkly Erotic
5. Graveyard By Moonlight
6. So Violently Sick
7. Foul Winds Threaten

Then, after some line up problems, and the gaining of robin on Bass guitar, and Was on Drums, they released a demo which Dani described as "The only important demo we did", called Total Fucking Darkness, released late in 1993:
1. The Black Goddess Rises
2. Unbridled At Dusk
3. Raping The Faith
4. As Deep As Any Burial
5. Fraternally Yours
6. 666

It was this Demo tape that led to Cradle of Filth being signed by Cacophonous Records, in Portobello Road, London. Run by one man, and a small team of staff, they were fairly small in the record industry, dedicated to the release of Underground Metal. Was left the band before the album was recorded, (later going on to drum for Extreme Noise Terror) and was replaced by Nicholas, also Paul A joined on guitars, and Paul R's brother Ben was on Keyboards. Frater Nihil was responsible for the production of Cradle of Filth's first album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh. It was an incredible success.

Unfortunately there were legal disputes between the band and Cacophonous records, as well as disputes between the Ryan brothers (Ben and Paul) and the band. This eventually culminated in the departure from the band of Ben and Paul R, whilst Paul A also decided to leave (Later, they went on to form "The Blood Divine"). This caused the upcoming album Dusk ... And Her Embrace to be put on hold. Instead, to fulfill legal requirements, the band recorded and released an EP under the name Vempire: Or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein.

The line-up for that EP had the inclusion of Stuart on guitar, and Damien on Keyboards, whilst Jared Demeter appeared on guitar, courtesy of December Moon, Robin's sideline project.

Once free from their contract with Cacophonous records, Cradle of Filth signed a contract with a major independant label, Music for Nations, to which bands such as Paradise Lost are signed. They brought Gian in to take the place of Jared, and began re-recording their material for Dusk ... And Her Embrace with the new line-up. It was finally released in November 1996 as a hard back book edition, with Nocturnal Supremacy '96 (a remix). Later on it was then released in a coffin box set, with their cover of Slayer's Hell Awaits (to go on the Slaytanic Slaughter compilation), and an instrumental track Carmilla's Masque.

Following the release of "Dusk ... and her Embrace", new keyboard player Damien left the band for personal reasons, and returned home to his family in Ireland. After advertising for a new keyboard player, even on the internet, Cradle of Filth acquired Les (ex-Anathema) as their new keyboard player, and are now working on a new album entitled "Cruelty and the Beast", based on the life and times of the Countess Bathory, who bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young! This release is due out later this year, and promises to be a further progression from what Cradle of Filth have already achieved.