The sun sets over the horizon, and darkness fills the land. Shadows dance at at the corners of your vision, and the moon, ruled by lonely Diana, keeps watch over the darkest forest. Sepulchral voices whisper in the gentle wind, and far off, the howling of wolves can be heard, almost ghostly and unreal. Welcome to this world of darkness and desire. Where dark love, and laviscious lust, and a craving for the warm flow of blood control all. Come walk with us through the swirling snow, and follow the blood spattered path into the forest, where She will meet us, and lead us into temptation. Welcome to this world. Please stay for a while, and feast upon the flesh with us. For only in true darkness and evil will you find solace.
Cradle of Filth ouside gothic building Cradle of Filth will invoke all that is darkness within your soul. Arising from the vast flat planes of Southern England, they have gained great fame and respect from the Black Metal community, but in recent times, they have virtually built their own genre, which some prophets are refering to as "Goth Metal". The flowing, powerful overtures, and heart-rending dark soloing entwine like some ethereal spirit, pulsating and flowing with the ebb and flow of the tides. These are the children of the proud angel, and they have come to bring their message to you. Open your mind. Open your soul. The darkness is coming.

The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

Vempire: Or Dark Faerytales in Phallustien

Dusk ... And Her Embrace

Cruelty and the Beast

Evil Inside


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Evil Inside

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